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Pharmacist ventures into vaginal rejuvenation

2022-12-01  Loide Jason

Pharmacist ventures into vaginal rejuvenation

Loide Jason

A young medical professional says her love and passion for helping people achieve their body goals safely and effectively without having to undergo surgery have pushed her to venture into vagina rejuvenation to help women regain pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Taimi Naambo Amakutuwa in August this year introduced a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation that can last up to three years and one only needs one session per month with a total or maximum of four sessions for a successful one. She said her clients are mostly ladies that lost sensation during sexual intercourse, and they have noted an improvement in sensation during sexual intercourse as well as tightness and no dryness during sexual intercourse.

“We have treated 56 clients so far, and they have given us positive feedback. I saw a gap in the market benefit; many people want to achieve their body goals but there was no place like this that existed in Namibia before we opened. So, I took the chance and started helping people, who were desperately struggling with body issues and were looking for safer alternatives,” she explained.

The treatment is beneficial for ladies who have lost vaginal tone following childbearing or menopause, which can lead to issues such as urinary leakage, vaginal dryness and painful or dissatisfying sexual intercourse.

According to Amakutuwa, feminine rejuvenation can address these issues by restoring a more normal tone to the vagina and labia.

It can also improve sensation during sex for a patient and her partner.

Amakutuwa, who is originally from Oranjemund, runs Namibia Body Sculpture, an establishment many Windhoek and Ongwediva women visit for buttock lifting, breast lifting and hips dips.

She said those above-mentioned treatments are non-invasive.

“We do not make any cuts or incisions to the body, so the side effects are minimal. During the treatment, one may experience some warmth or a small level of discomfort, which usually disappears after the sessions,” she indicated.

The treatment involves a machine that “radiates an energy that tightens the muscles”.

She has two branches where the services are being offered in Windhoek and Ongwediva at Maroela Mall, which was opened in October this year.

The pharmacist indicated these are towns with the highest demand; however, they are planning to extend it to other towns.

Apart from vaginal rejuvenation, she is also passionate about well-structured female bodies; hence, she also offers waist training belts, designed to breakdown down belly fat.

The belt is mainly meant for women who are struggling to break down belly fat.

Amakutuwa is a registered pharmacist by profession with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Nairobi in Kenya and a Masters’s degree in clinical pharmacy from the University of Namibia.

She also studied medical aesthetics in Nigeria with an emphasis on body contouring aesthetics as well as studied various nutritional and weight management courses online.

2022-12-01  Loide Jason

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