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Poem - Differently able

2022-11-16  Staff Reporter

Poem - Differently able

A body enabled in disabilities

There is grace in such race

Without limbs, without sound, bedridden, wheelchair-bound

With moves out of control, with mind not singled but multipled

Being overlooked by society, taunted by friends, neglected at home

Not even seen by architects, village planners,

lawmakers, policy designers 

Out of place in

malls, halls, galleries, parks, cathedrals

Possibly barred from heaven as well as hell?

A fella shared that

Disability is something imposed on top of our impairment by the way we are unnecessary isolated and excluded from full participation in society. Disabled people are therefore an oppressed group in society.

In spite of all that

The joy of tasting liquids

Breathing air in and pushing it out

The sun globally warming us all

Creation’s present everywhere

Ouma taught me around the mulilo:

Not to curse the deaf and dread

Not to impede and discomfort the blind

But respect God’s creatures everywhere

I’m your next of kin

We shall overcome

Dear differently able one

2022-11-16  Staff Reporter

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