• July 14th, 2020

Police chopper flying over city is part of crime prevention

WINDHOEK - Police have commissioned a helicopter to fly over Windhoek as part of their crime prevention efforts.

Residents over the past couple of weekends noticed a chopper flying above the city skies during morning hours and in the evenings.

Khomas regional police commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo told New Era that he brought in the directorate of their air wing because of people being robbed in the highlands, especially tourists.  
“Sometimes when they are robbed, we have such reports and we call in our helicopter and it is helping. It is able to direct us to arrest the suspects on the ground while flying,” he said.

“When our members are on the ground the helicopter is in the air. We even have a torch and can observe from high to see people hiding in the valley,” shared Shikongo.

He stated that through flying they discovered scrap yards outside the city and were able to see illegal structures put up in various parts of the settlements which were not known to the municipality. 
“After my discovery, and I discovered a lot, the first thing I did, I went to the mayor (Muesee Kazapua) and we even offered such services to him, to fly around the city,” noted the commissioner.


Selma Ikela
2019-07-16 09:40:40 | 11 months ago

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