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Popya with Werner Alweendo - Embracing the power of multipotentiality

2020-11-18  Aletta Shikololo

Popya with Werner Alweendo - Embracing the power of multipotentiality
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In his second year while studying digital communication and technology at the International University of Management (IUM) Werner Alweendo quit school, not because he gave up on studying but because he wanted to follow his numerous and diverse other abilities and interests.
Youth Corner caught up with the award-winning innovator and entrepreneur who shed light on how he climbed the ladder to success.
“Growing up in a tech-oriented family, I believe technology is evolving every day and by the time I finish studying, my course will be outdated and the world will be on to the next technology, so I decided to drop it and focus on adapting new ideas every day, learn rapidly and at my own pace and also try new innovations every day,” explained Alweendo.

Born in Ongula yanghatanga village in the northern part of the country, Alweendo specialises in virtual property, digital marketing and agriculture.
Alweendo is the founder of the award-winning project called ‘Wow Spaces’, which helps property developers sell their properties.
“Many developers face challenges of marketing their properties that are not yet built. The only tool they use to market is either 2D drawing or 3D renders but with our technology we build alternate virtual environments and this allows their customers to experience the property before it’s built. Customers can experience the property on a one-to-one scale, they can custom-make it and it gives them a near tangible experience of the building. The market is broad even in the medical industry,” narrated the tech guru, adding that this technology is new in Africa and he hopes to take it across borders.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur is also the co-founder of the locally made juice ‘Mutete juice’ and having spent years in Sri Lanka, Alweendo got involved in the tea exporting business in that country.
“I develop tea products and export them to Dubai, Qatar and Papua Guinea,” he added.
As if that’s not enough, the multi-skilled young man has also worked with one of the most popular brands in the world, Nike, Inc and also with the royal family of Qatar.

“As an innovator I can’t say I have the greatest achievement yet because previously I did not have the mental fortitude to execute my innovations, and finances were also a major challenge but now I am wiser and business-minded and I can’t wait to execute all the ideas I have not yet implemented,” he said. 

Talking about his aspirations, Alweendo desires to have a school where kids can pursue their dreams at a young age.
“I understand that the current education system is flawed and with my school I will groom children to choose their career paths, even at the tender age of five. For example, if one wants to become an IT specialist, we train them while they are young. Currently, learners only get to choose what they want to become when they reach higher grades,” said Alweendo.

2020-11-18  Aletta Shikololo

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