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PowerCom constructs four new towers

2021-02-19  Staff Reporter

PowerCom constructs four new towers
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Local information and communication technology infrastructure provider, PowerCom, has commenced with the construction of four new towers, which are to cost about N$5 million.

According to Alisa Amupolo, CEO of PowerCom, these new towers are part of the 22 towers planned by the firm in the year 2021. 
“The towers will enable service providers and operators to connect their communication services,” said Amupolo.
The four towers are to be located in Eenghodi, and Kupferquelle both in the Oshikoto region, Ncaute in the Kavango East region, Onkani in the Omusati region, and are expected to be completed by end of April 2021. 

She further explained that the company has aligned itself with the growth of these towns and rural villages and has responded to the growing demands of its inhabitants as far as connectivity is concerned.

“By providing this infrastructure, it means individuals and businesses can communicate and facilitate business, furthermore, adding value to our country’s economic growth,” she stated.
Amupolo added that the pandemic in the midst has placed demands for new infrastructure to accelerate coverage and capacity challenges, and thus the need to complete the towers as soon as possible.

“Covid-19 has affected every area of life for the average Namibian, that’s why there is a need for connectivity, incongruence with the new normal and digital lifestyles, especially during this pandemic. By providing this infrastructure, individual end-users, businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, can continue communicating and facilitating business remotely,” she added.

With these new towers, Amupolo said PowerCom strives to minimise the digital divide by enabling connectivity for every Namibian.

2021-02-19  Staff Reporter

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