• June 1st, 2020

Presidency thrashes newspaper report

WINDHOEK - The Presidency has taken issue with an article published recently in The Namibian newspaper, which claimed President Hage Geingob uttered that renowned academic Joseph Diescho “will remain a refugee”. 

The Presidency yesterday said the article was entirely inaccurate and lacked factual substance. “The inaccurate article purported that President Hage Geingob stated during a Swapo Party star rally in Oshakati on Sunday, 10 November 2019 that Dr Joseph Diescho will remain a political refugee because he refused to be patriotic and ran into hiding in an attempt to destroy the good image of Namibia,” Presidency spokesperson Alfredo Hengari said. 

“President Geingob did not utter the name of Diescho, there or anywhere on the campaign. The article is factually inaccurate, and leaves the Presidency with no option but to conclude that The Namibian is pursuing a deliberate and politically motivated agenda of disinformation against President Geingob.” Hengari added that Geingob has always promoted unity and peace during the campaign trail, having repeatedly stated: ‘Play the ball, not the man’ and ‘Namibia is all we have’. According to Hengari, the newspaper has also refused to retract the article even though it was provided with a full footage of the rally. “The Presidency did so, knowing too well that it was up to The Namibian to provide material proof that President Geingob said what has been unjustly, but wilfully ascribed to him.” 

Furthermore, Hengari claimed some media houses have chosen the path of inaccurate and biased reporting in the run-up to the general elections, with “an agenda that seeks to influence voters by pursuing reputational damage on the good standing of President Geingob.”  Hengari added the Head of State was committed to press freedom and will continue to champion a free media environment “as part of his remarkable commitment to buttress effective governance, including transparency and accountability.”

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2019-11-26 07:05:49 | 6 months ago

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