• September 27th, 2020

Promoting Namibia through clothing

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- The idea started as an Instagram account where founder and owner, Salomo Festus would feature quality pictures of people that looked good and represented Namibians from various backgrounds through the clothes they wear.

“This included those that wore cultural attires, official wear, vintage and streetwear as Festus saw how they all classically wore them and he wanted to create awareness and promote the way Namibians portray their swagg,” said Festus.

He said swag is self-defined styles and wearing what you are comfortable in. “The aim of Namswagg is for people to embrace their unique way and style of dressing up, taking pride in the country and encourage people to support local and showcase to the world around us what Namibians are made of,” stated Festus.

With an impeccable social media presence of more than 60 000 followers on Instagram, Namswagg is a clothing brand that represents the Namibian style. “We have travelled a bit but everywhere we’ve been, nothing comes close to Namibian styles. Namswagg was born out of love for unique style and recognition,” explained Festus.

Officially formed in 2016, Festus wanted the name of the brand to describe a boast, that’s how they came up with the name swagg which he then prefixed with Nam.

What makes Namswagg unique is that it is a 100 percent Namibian owned brand that aims at providing the nation with fresh ideas of innovative clothing, yet bringing them to life which is all manufactured locally. “For the people by the people. We are Namswagg, we are local and we are home.” 

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