• August 14th, 2020

Public Private Dialogue (PPD): A service delivery game-changer in local authorities

Many at times when I listen to the radio or go through social media comments, citizens at various localities are expressing their concerns about the service being delivered by their Village Councils, Town Councils and Municipalities. Surprisingly, most citizens raise or point out issues hindering growth and development in their respective towns. These issues include Enhance Cooperation, SME support and Enabling Environment.

The local authorities, in accordance with the Local Authority Act No.23 of 1992, as amended, acts on behalf of the Government of Namibia seeking to provide the residents of their management areas with amenities and services that create a conducive, healthy, neat, peaceful and safe environment within which coexisting residents can pursue opportunities for growth, development and prosperity. In order to ensure that there is effective service delivery to the satisfaction of residents in a given locality, there is a need to aggressively engage with the Public and Private sectors through Dialogues.

The Public Private Dialogue approach does not only address issues arising from the Community but it also ensures that the residents are involved and they make meaningful contributions towards the discussions and subsequently to the growth and development of their town. Moreover, through Public Private Dialogue, the Community get the opportunity to interact with their local authorities’ leaders on issues pertaining to development. But how do we trace whether or not the resolutions taken are being implemented? One way to ensure this happened is to have regular follow-up meetings which should be facilitated by the Local Economic Development Agency, the custodian of the town which can be a village council, town council or municipality and of course the Namibia Chambers of Commerce & Industry within that area.

It is inevitable that in order to accelerate service delivery, growth and development of a specific area, there should be collective efforts from public and private sectors, including the community at large. 

*Peya Junior Mushelenga is the Economic Development Officer/PRO Luderitz Town Council
MBA-Strategy Student (Unam-NBS)

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2019-04-26 09:22:12 | 1 years ago

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