• July 17th, 2019
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Public procurement concerns to be addressed via national workshop

WINDHOEK – A national workshop is planned in response to concerns raised regarding the operational efficiency of the Central Procurement Board as well as Procurement Policy Unit. According to Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein, the national workshop on the Public Procurement legislation’s regulatory and institutional provisions is planned for February 13 to clarify and address matters of national concern, including capacity needs for procuring entities as well as perceived limitations on some of the enabling provisions of the Act.

The Central Procurement Board has been in operation since 2017, implementing the provisions of the Public Procurement Act of 2015. The Procurement Policy Unit is also operational while it continues with recruiting to strengthen its personnel needs. 

“Directorates and offices are encouraged to continue adhering to the Procurement Act by formulating annual procurement plans with emphasis on giving effect to the aspirations of the Act, for example preference to local sourcing of products and services,” said Schlettwein while addressing his first staff meeting for the year. 

 The recently established Central Procurement Board held its maiden bid opening in Windhoek on January 16. Bids were invited under the open international bidding process for a multi-million dollar tender for the procurement of anti-retroviral medicine for the Ministry of Health and Social Services. 

Regulations stipulated in the Public Procurement Act (2015) mandate the Board as the sole autonomous body inviting government tenders exceeding the N$35 million threshold. 

The Central Procurement Board replaces the old Tender Board of Namibia. Various ministries (Works and Transport, Trade and SME Development) as well as state-owned enterprises have since conducted their own bid openings not exceeding the threshold as stipulated by the Public Procurement Act. 

Edgar Brandt
2019-01-29 09:52:00 5 months ago

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