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Puma now offers advanced synthetic motor oil

2021-09-16  Staff Reporter

Puma now offers advanced synthetic motor oil
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Puma Energy Namibia last week launched its new line of lubricants into the Namibian market. The new and exciting range is designed to meet petrol and diesel engine’s needs, with three distinct product ranges. 

These are the HD Super for diesel and petrol engines, GT Plus which is fully synthetic engine oil for petrol and diesel engines, and HD Extra for diesel engines. In a media statement Puma noted that the launch of the new lubricant line is aligned with its strategic intent to inspire change and continuously develop innovative products to deliver on consumer needs. 

Managing Director of Puma Energy Namibia, Gallo Diack via the statement noted that, “Puma Lubricants are not only advanced synthetic motor oils but also a modernised mechanism to trigger a new behaviour. 

They were developed in Switzerland using a formula that complies with the highest European standards and some of the most stringent vehicle manufacturer OMEs globally.”

He also added, “We would like to invite our valued customers to ‘Change to the New’ Puma Lubricants, the new range of oils with superior protection, innovative packaging, and advanced technology that uses only state-of-the-art base oils in all products with low Sulphur concentrations and a high viscosity index”.

“Our globally integrated business network is unique in our industry. It is about connecting our local supply with international oil markets, energizing communities worldwide and ensuring we deliver high quality fuels safely, reliably and at a competitive price. 

Contributing to the social and economic growth of the countries we operate in is fundamental to our business and through our CSR initiatives and our collaboration with the Puma Energy Foundation we ensure we remain closely connected to and supportive of the needs of the people in those countries. We do this by energizing communities,” said Diack. 

2021-09-16  Staff Reporter

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