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Rain brings hope to northern farmers

2023-12-04  Victoria Kaapanda

Rain brings hope to northern farmers

UUVUDHIYA - Communal farmers in northern Namibia are hard at work ploughing their crop fields following good rains that fell in the area. 

Verena Nakaleke from Omusheshe village in the Oshana region said they started ploughing since the weather is unpredictable.

“You never know what will follow afterwards, so we cannot let the chance given to us slip by. We have to try with the first drops,” she added.

Hendrina Heita, who is from the same village, said they are blessed when compared to others who have not received a single raindrop yet.

“This is the right time to start ploughing; we are praying for more rain for our crops to grow fast,” she enthused. 

Saima Shivolo from Endola village in Ohangwena said she is optimistic about next year’s harvest. 

Although rain comes and goes, she has hope that the 2023/2024 rainy season will be a lot better than that of 2022/2023. 

“Good rains have instilled a sense of hope for most farmers in our region. We received very good rainfall, and it is still raining,” she noted.

The widespread showers in the region have seemingly restored farmers’ confidence in a bumper harvest. 

Nangula Shinedima from Onaushe village said she cultivated a sizeable portion of land, and that a good harvest is awaited.

“We are praying for average rainfall because if it rains heavily, our crops will be destroyed,” she observed.

Uuvudhiya councillor Timoteus Shivute urged communal farmers to work hard to make the most of the good rains received in the area. He made the remarks while referencing the drought experienced in the country over the past few months.

“Farmers had poor harvests, and lost some livestock. This resulted in massive food insecurity, which drove many households to depend on government drought relief food,” he stated.

He urged farmers that with the rains received in most parts of the country, they should now work hard to ensure they get good harvests.

Aindji Yapuleni from Ompundja village told New Era that most livestock farmers are excited about the rainy season they have experienced so far.

“The animals which survived the worst drought are getting stronger by the day and some are already pregnant, which might be an indication of a better season ahead,” he said.

Yapuleni added that he was happy with the rains received in the region, and that if it continues this way until next year, their cattle will survive the dry spell.

“It is our hope that it rains throughout for our crops and livestock to survive this time around,” he said.

Namibia’s rainy season starts in November and ends in March.



2023-12-04  Victoria Kaapanda

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