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Dispatched thoughts - Raising a generation

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

Dispatched thoughts - Raising a generation
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A lot of what makes us who we are today as adults are shaped by what we picked up as children. As we grow and learn more about ourselves and the way we think and act, it becomes apparent that our childhood experiences are our basic building blocks as the adults of today.
As a child, almost all of your survival depends entirely on your parents: they feed you, bathe you – and more importantly, they teach you about life. They are the first people who teach us about life and the environment around us.

Parents play a huge role in society, as it is them to first guide and teach children when they are at their most vulnerable. In many cases, either setting them up for failure or success for future endeavours. It’s their responsibility to best help prepare the new generation so they can have the best chance of surviving and thriving in the future someday.

 Some of the older generations usually refer to young people as being lazy, disrespectful or simply wanting to be spoon-fed. The very same people who refer to the youth like that are the ones who, for years, have had the responsibility and opportunity of raising and teaching these now-grown children. Maybe they should have done a better job as guardians.
In as much as parents and guardians had the responsibility to raise and teach children, the leaders of time could have also done better. For years, people in leadership positions in society – be it teachers, pastors, politicians and even entertainers have sometimes been caught and recorded doing some unpleasant things; they have set poor and wrong examples for young people that would like to follow in their footsteps. Children hear and see what is happening around them.

This is not to say all parents have failed in their duties; many have done an impeccable job when it comes to children. Most youth have been able to thrive due to their upbringing and foundations set for them to build on – just as many have been inspired to do good and be better by those who have been around them. In as much as we learn and adapt to live and thrive in the world today, we cannot deny that we are who we are today because of our experiences and circumstance that we have lived through in our childhoods. Let us do better in raising and teaching the future generations so they have a much better world to mature into. 

* Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

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