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Residents pressure police on missing toddler

2021-05-24  Steven Klukowski

Residents pressure police on missing toddler
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KEETMANSHOOP — Some //Kharas residents claim police did not update the public constantly about the progress of their investigations, regarding the case of missing Spencer Mandela Nakale.

 “It has now been five months since four-year-old Nakale went missing in Lüderitz. Five months of anguish, heartache, pain and sleepless nights,’’ said Sylvia Amwaalwa, spokesperson of a concerned group of protestors, when handing over a petition to Namibian police force regional commander, David Indongo last Friday.

She said someone somewhere knows something about the toddler’s disappearance, but that the police did not update the public constantly about the progress of their investigations regarding the case. 

“What did the police achieve so far, is the case closed?’’ the spokesperson asked. 

Amwaalwa also explained the purpose of their march as that of demanding from law enforcement agencies to update the entire nation on what exactly they have been doing since December 2020 about Mandela’s disappearance. 

‘’We want to hear what the police found out about the mentally, unstable lady who loves children and is said to have travelled from Lüderitz to the north around the days of Nakale disappearance, the CCTV camera footage of the fence where the boy disappeared as well as the progress on further investigations on the case,’’ the group demanded in the petition. 

The petition further reads that information given to them indicated a woman from Mpumalanga, South Africa, stated a boy was wandering the streets of a town in that province. 

“We want the police to go to South Africa, do further investigations and give us feedback,” said Amwaalwa.

The group, in the statement, concluded that they want the police to pronounce themself on the matter under investigation to end this said chapter.

Receiving the petition, Indongo promised the group that their petition will now be forwarded to the Namibian police’s inspector general to provide feedback accordingly. 

“We engaged our neighbouring counterparts on the allegations of Nakale’s whereabouts there, but did not receive any feedback yet,” he explained.

Indongo also gave the assurance that the Namibian public will be duly informed once investigations have been finalised.

Nami#Nus constituency councillor, Suzan Ndjaleka acknowledged the handing over of the petition and expressed her appreciation towards the residents for taking up the issue as a united region. 

“I will carry over this message to the family of Nakale, that we are all waiting on the law to take its course accordingly, but are, just like them, hopeful that it will end positive,’’ she concluded. 


2021-05-24  Steven Klukowski

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