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Retired teacher strives to improve youth sports

2023-09-19  Steven Klukowski

Retired teacher strives to improve youth sports

KEETMANSHOOP - Retired teacher and active sports enthusiast Wolfgang Cloete says he wants to relaunch his //Kharas Sport and Fun Programme (KSF) initiative to keep the youth of that town away from the social ills.

He told New Era Sport that based on his observations, teenagers between the ages of 10 and 14 lack basic recreational facilities.

“Dealing with kids all my life, I have observed a lack of recreational facilities, leading to them (teenagers) involving themselves in illegal, harmful activities, such as substance abuse, petty crimes and unwanted teenage pregnancies. Through this programme, I want to develop their mental skills and physical abilities, and foster healthy, positive friendships,’’ he explained.

The sport-and-fitness coach also said he will mainly concentrate on improving the targeted group’s ball control skills, fitness levels and coordination in football.

“Through these interventions, I, together with other retired professional soccer players, want to upgrade these kids to later on participate in the first division, regional and national levels, with the possibility of competing internationally,” Cloete said.

Currently, he has managed to source for some training bibs and second-hand sports gear to assist prospective participants, while some school principals have agreed to release the learners into his care.

“The intention is to train the kids for two hours every Friday afternoon, and some parents have already shown interest in enrolling their children in the programme,’’ he said.

Cloete added he will, however, not interfere with learners’ studies and examinations, as education also plays an important role in a kid’s development.

He said this is a non-profitable project, whereby he will only need assistance from parents and the business fraternity to assist with soccer gear, balls and shoes to equip the athletes. 

He added that the monthly N$120 he will be asking for will be solely used to wash soccer gear, promote hygiene and give incentives to the coaching staff, as well as photographers and video editors.

“Another benefit is that sports largely contribute towards the holistic development of children. It is hereby my plea to the younger generation to develop a love for sports and actively participate in sport codes,” he said.

He said that at 67 years of age, he is a good example of the importance of living an active, healthy lifestyle.

//Kharas Sports and Fun was originally established in 2002 and is now re-invented by Cloete. The programme groomed the likes of national soccer players like Vergil Vries and Willie Stephanus.

2023-09-19  Steven Klukowski

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