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RIP “Pottie” Tribute to retired Young Ones FC agile net guard, Inky Willemse 1960 - 2019

2019-05-31  Loide Jason

RIP “Pottie” Tribute to retired Young Ones FC agile net guard, Inky Willemse 1960 - 2019
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Just as the “Kings at Nights” family was coming to terms with shock passing of club legend, one Harald “Oorlog” Olivier, another tragedy has struck again.
The football crazy Khomasdal residents awoke to the sad news that Young Ones Football Club stalwart Inky Willemse, has taken a bow from the game of life after a cardiac arrest in the early hours of Monday morning.
“Pottie”, as the late Inky was affectionately known amongst his buddies, was founder member of the exciting youthful Khomasdal outfit in 1974.
Younger brother of football playing Willemse brothers, spearheaded by former South West Africa (SWA) defender the late Paul “Zorro”, Bronny and Joseph, “Pottie” was uncle to the pair of former City United FC tough as steak defender - former Ramblers inspirational skipper Stakes Coetzee and the ever present late Robbie Savage. 
As this were not enough, the departed “Pottie” was the great uncle of Namibia’s football sensation Reginald “Kokorot” Willemse.
Despite his football affection having been sadly abbreviated by a career ending knee injury, the stocky shot stopper will be remembered as a die-hard “Kings at Nights” trusted soldier who stood by the Reds through thick and thin during the good and bad times. 


Carlos “CK” Kambaekwa

WINDHOEK – Back in the day during the early seventies, football was extremely competitive and apart from the oval ball game (rugby) the beautiful game was the only source of recreation, obliging many young people taking a liking in chasing an inflated piece of leather.
A product of the revered Ella Du Plessis High School in Khomasdal, “Pottie” was amongst a bunch of impatient youngsters desperately eager to play competitive football as they were becoming frustrated and sick and tired of struggling to break into the starting lineups of Thistles, Merits and Atlanta Chiefs Football Clubs.
The then school going young footballers resolved to call their own football team into life, which they christened Young Ones FC.
In the absence of proper league structures, the new club would compete in low key knockout tournaments in remote towns such as Groot Aub and Rehoboth with the odd appearance in the popular knockout cup tournaments at sea level in Swakopmund and Walvis-Bay, respectively.  
It was not long before Young Ones FC started to make noticeable strides in domestic football, confining football followers to the edge of their seats via their exciting trademark brand of one touch carpet football – much to the delight of the neutral football fan.
And by the time local authorities resolved to abolish the much despised racial segregation, sparking the unavoidable amalgamation of all football leagues in Apartheid South West Africa (SWA) under the illegal South African regime in 1977 – the exciting Khomasdal outfit became a major force to be reckoned with in the second tier of the highly competitive Central Football Association (CFA).
With competition becoming tougher for starting berths, Pottie jumped ship alongside an exodus of Young Ones squad members who left the club – only to resurface at ambitious newly formed Khomasdal outfit Swansea Football Club. 

The latter campaigned in the popular Central Namibia Football Association (CNFA) none racial league, spearheaded by uncompromising political activist, the wide awake hippy-look-alike veteran football administrator Uncle Bob Sissing, under the “infamous” theme “We can’t play normal sport in an abnormal Society”.   
The acrobatic stocky goalie enjoyed a stellar short lived career with the flamboyant Khomasdal outfit – winning almost every available silverware there was to be won in the business. Upon his retirement from competitive football, the fun loving “Pottie” returned to boyhood team Young Ones Sport Club. 
He tirelessly assisted his beloved club in various tasks, notably the social aspect and was instrumental in setting up the Club House Tavern at the Khomasdal field. The deceased leaves behind his beautiful spouse Geraldine, a pair of siblings, daughter and son and three grandchildren.  
Pottie’s untimely follows short of the heels of another club legend Harold Olivier, in addition to other Young Ones greats who have since gone the way of all flesh; Lester “Philo” Fourie, Harry Ndandu, Jeffrey “Floppietjie” Zaahl, George Wirtz, Paka Classen, Davido Hendricks, Saul “Vuurhoutjie” Waters, Ockie van Wyk. May their combined souls rest in eternal peace in one piece.

2019-05-31  Loide Jason

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