• August 3rd, 2020

Rosh Pinah Karate-Zen Club receives equipment

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter ROSH PINAH – Rosh Pinah Karate-Zen Club recently received sponsorship of karate equipment from Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation, which were handed over to the club by the Corporation’s Human Resource & Engagement Manager Kondja Kaulinge. The sponsorship includes punching bags, punching mitts, nunchakus, focus mitts, skipping ropes and many other valuable equipment, which will be used to help create a competitive environment for the club’s young karatekas while also placing special emphasis on their defence technics and speed. The newly donated equipment will also enable them to participate in highly distinguished tournaments, as such events will broaden their discipline and character, on and off the dojo, which is invaluable to their future endeavours.
New Era Reporter
2018-07-30 09:58:00 | 2 years ago

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