• September 20th, 2020

Rundu Town Council snubs squatters …authorities refuse to accept petition

RUNDU – Squatters at Rundu, who recently defied an eviction order, were left fuming after council officials refused to accept their petition yesterday.

“I am not going to receive it as I am unaware of their demonstration, not even the police who have escorted them informed me. I am not even going to comment on that,” said Rundu town council acting CEO Herman Haingura.

The acting CEO remained in his office as the squatters demonstrated outside the council yard.
The petition was later read out to the media.

The squatters, who have settled on a portion of land along Cuma road in Rundu since last year, argue that their plea for serviced land have fallen on deaf ears over the years.
This, they said, prompted them to occupy the property with their landless families. 

“We would like to inform you that we are not happy with the treatment council is giving us. We deserve respect and we will not allow you to treat us this way, why us? We are Namibians too, we will never move from that land no matter what,” said Moses Ndara, who read the petition on behalf of the group.

“Let the town council tell us which location was surveyed before they give to the residents. Some of the town council members have plots in Rundu, why not us? Our culture in Rundu is that people settled and after they have settled then the town council will provide services to them, 74 percent of our land in Rundu are allocated to foreigners with money.”

The squatters further claimed that they have been sidelined by the local authority.
“After independence our voices and votes only count when it is election time and when election is over, our power is useless and left on the streets,” he added.

The group also demanded the resignation of mayor Isak Kandingu and the acting CEO. 
“If our demands are not met before 31 November, we the landless people shall take action to remove them from the offices. We demand town council to avail all minutes taken during all our meetings, including the meeting resolutions held on 24 May at the police headquarters in Rundu. We are not leaving but prepared to take what belongs to us, including Tumweneni location. You are required to respond to our petition within 14 working days,” Moses said.

John Muyamba
2019-10-23 06:50:42 | 10 months ago

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