• September 28th, 2020

Ryushin-kan Karate International gets graded

Maurice Kambukwe

WINDHOEK- Luderitz-based Ryushin-kan Karate International recently received their grades from Japanese Shito Ryu Karate Master, Soke Takeshi Masuyama, during his first ever visit to the country.
Namibian chief instructor for Ryushin-kan Karate International sensei, Bonnie Kabozu, got his 5th black belt dan alongside two visiting instructors from Botswana and South Africa after undergoing a five-day intensive training program that lasted about 7 hours daily.

According to Kabozu, the training imparted skills and knowledge around the most advanced Shito Ryu style of karate.

“This is the most advanced way of martial arts. This is different from the traditional way of martial arts. We, in Namibia, only have two fighting styles, which are Wado Ruyo and Gujo Ruyo. All these are very traditional and old fashioned. The training we got deals with more modern ways and styles of martial arts,” said Kabozu
 He added it will be the first time Namibia receives this advanced form of martial arts. The martial art coach also said he’s currently working with the Namibia School Sports Union (NSSU) to introduce karate ignore schools.

“We want to introduce karate in schools. This will help to empower other kids who want to do this sport, because not anyone can excel in other sports codes like football, basketball, netball, etc. Not everybody is brave enough to do well in those sports codes, but with the implementation of karate into public schools, it will help with scouting talented would-be karatekas,” he highlighted.

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