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Saving malnourished children …one baby at a time

2021-09-29  Aletta Shikololo

Saving malnourished children …one baby at a time
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To help curb the malnutrition plight in the country, young philanthropists Hendrina Kudhingilililwa and Suama Jason recently established the Kaigo-sha House Foundation to cater to young mothers with children living with malnutrition and other conditions.

In an interview with Youth Corner, Kuudhingililwa said empowering children begins with well-nourished children, who are better able to grow, learn and thrive in their communities.

“Malnutrition is something that is rarely spoken about in this country. People do not understand how crucial it is to educate people, especially mothers, on proper child nutrition,” she said.

“We thrive to cater and take care of these kids until they are well fed. Kaigo-sha will take in mothers and their children, and we will help the mothers take care of their children until the kids are healthy and no longer have any health issues. Sometimes, it can take up to three months.” 

Since its inception last month, the foundation has so far taken eight children under their care.

“We hope to grow this number to 500 children per year. It is very important, as it will educate mothers on how to prevent and cure malnutrition, educate them on how to grow their food in their garden.”

The foundation has recently been given a piece of land by a local fishing company Ngogima Investment (Pty) Ltd, where the shelter for the malnourished children will be built. Oshikoto region’s governor Penda ya Ndakolo is also one of the good Samaritans who offered contractors to construct their shelter.

“We are calling upon the public and all stakeholders to assist us with the little they have to complete the building. Taking action and pledging your support is the start of making that happen and changing Namibian children’s lives,” she said.


2021-09-29  Aletta Shikololo

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