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Scholtz exhorts youth to participate in economy

2019-05-14  Staff Reporter

Scholtz exhorts youth to participate in economy
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Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP- The Central Region of the Evangelical Bible Church recently held its general youth conference at the Diaz School Hall in Lüderitz under the theme “the value of singing and dancing”.
Reverend Jan Scholtz, who is also the !Nami#nüs Constituency Councillor says the country could face a serious risk of failure if it did not encourage the active participation of youth in all spheres of society and in decision making processes at national, regional and international levels. 
He added that the youth should be regarded “as a decisive factor in conquering the immense, economic, technological and scientific challenges in the 21st century”.
He made reference to the youth as a valuable part of a community since they represent the midsection of society’s social body.
“It is also important for the youth to be active in the church as our country is known to be a Christian nation and therefore the youth should also be active in the spreading of the Gospel even through singing and dancing to impact others,” stated reverend Scholtz. 
He says singing and dancing can be used as a means to spread messages against the social evils such as gender-based violence, passion killings, HIV, Aids, drugs-and-alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy.
Scholtz was further of the opinion the failure or success of the youth in their dealings are mostly determined by their attitude and enthusiasm. 
Referring to the well-known quote of “ask not what the government can do for me, but rather what I can do for the government’’, he said the youth in and outside the church should not be excluded from this saying and should therefore also be part in soliciting solutions for national problems.
The Central Region of the Evangelical Bible Church consists of Erongo, //Kharas, Hardap and Khomas regions with a total of 161 youth members.

2019-05-14  Staff Reporter

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