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Scholtz reflects on development in Aus

2019-04-16  Tuulikki Abraham

Scholtz reflects on development in Aus
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AUS - !Nami#nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz listed several projects that have been implemented and have come to fruition for the benefit of members of his constituency comprising Aus and Lüderitz.
He chronicled these achievements in his statement on the occasion of the belated 29th Independence Day celebration held in Aus last weekend.

Particularly, he was happy with the installation of 200 electrical boxes in seven areas of Lüderitz to reduce dependence on candle light in Area 7 and Benguela settlements. The distribution of maize meal under the food aid scheme to Lüderitz is now placed under the food bank. This is to be extended to Aus soon, after the Ministry of Poverty Eradication heeded his request to this effect.  A mortuary has also been set up at the Aus clinic, the councillor enlisted. Also highlighted was the acquiring of an ambulance for the clinic in Aus, and availing land in front of the constituency office for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to build an office which is currently in progress. The opening of the first bakery in Aus, through the ministry of trade and Angro-American Foundation was also cited, so is funding of NamFi students to the tune of N$40 000.

Registration fees and studies for students in the constituency was facilitated through the //Kharas Regional Council, with the help of Marco Fishing Trust to the tune of more than N$20 000.

The provision of leadership training in Aus and Lüderitz and availing food parcels and clothes for elderly, learners and disabled was distributed for the amount of N$70 000. Brass band equipment for Aus through Agro-American Foundation to the tune of N$72 000 is another success Scholtz is proud of.
The construction of 154 flushing toilets, construction of sewer plant and construction of sewer network at Aus settlement were also cited as huge achievements.

The councillor revealed that the //Kharas Regional Council has availed land in front of the constituency office to the ministry of education to construct the !Nami#nus Primary School and the feasibility study is completed. “A consultative meeting took place between my office and the ministry of home affairs in Windhoek to bring the ID machine to Lüderitz and Aus, as the minister has pledged his support for this, however the mobile team was requested through the councillor’s office to serve Lüderitz and Aus, especially the elderly and the grade 10 and 12 learners ongoing.”

“After 29 years, Namibia’s democracy has reached a level of maturity which allows us to reflect on our past achievements, identify challenges and together, plan for the future. Due to our unity as a people, we stand on the solid foundation that will support our shared aspirations,” Scholtz said.

2019-04-16  Tuulikki Abraham

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