• July 14th, 2020

Sean Naude vs Southern African Python

The top trending clip is from Sherriff Marshall Sean Naude who this week assisted a resident in the Khomasdal area by rescuing and capturing a snake. “This is a Southern African Python, it was commonly known as a Rock Python, it is not venomous and can reach six metres in length,” Naude informed Entertainment Now!

The clip has garnered more than 5 000 views on his Facebook account, more than 160 shares and numerous comments. Naude told Entertainment Now! with the monsoon season, residents are urged to be extra careful of their surroundings and maintain cleanliness and snakes are looking for warmth.
Naude said the python was caught in Khomasdal, near the Gammans Service station. “It was near a residential area and I am assuming it probably smelled a cat, dog or a rat as and they are prey for such snakes,” said Naude.

“I should caution the public that snake repellents do not work, rather keep your homestead neat, whenever you are eating food, make sure you clean after yourself because food dropped on the floor attract rats and rats can be smelled from a distance by snakes,” informed Naude.
He also mentioned that pythons are harmless and the only snake that will face a human being is a Black Mamba. Naude said he has been getting a lot of snake calls from the public and urged citizens to be extra cautious.

“We (Namibia Snakes and Wildlife Conservation), are willing to train people on how to handle snakes, get us on social media, we need to protect our wildlife and create awareness around that but in the meantime, if you spot a snake, get hold of us via social media and we will come and rescue it and return it either to the conservancies or into the wild, far from the human environment,” insisted Naude.

Paheja Siririka
2020-03-20 14:31:22 | 3 months ago

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