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Shades of Sundae bring colourful, fun, local vibes to the city

2023-06-02  Staff Reporter

Shades of Sundae bring colourful, fun, local vibes to the city

Get ready for a vibrant and exciting addition to your monthly calendar! 

Shades of Sundae is a brand new event that promises to deliver an unforgettable experience filled with good music, delicious food, fabulous fashion, captivating art, and the chance to support local brands. 

The first edition takes place this Sunday at the Etcetera Art Café and Studio situated at the Old Breweries complex in Windhoek.

Organised by Monochrome Magazine, this monthly gathering aims to create a dynamic space for creatives, fashion enthusiasts, and those who simply want to have a great time.

What sets Shades of Sundae apart is its unique selling point: a theme colour for each event: June is green, July (red), August (brown), September (orange), October (yellow) and November (blue). 

Every attendee will be required to dress in the designated shade of the month, adding an extra layer of excitement and visual splendour to the occasion. 

The event will exclusively take place on Sundays, giving participants a perfect way to round off their weekends.

The organising force behind Shades of Sundae is Betty Sibeso, the chief creative officer at Monochrome Magazine, who said they wanted to host an event that would bring all the fashion lovers and art enthusiasts together to celebrate Namibian arts, music and fashion.

“We need more events where we can just hang out, network and celebrate our industry and this is the start of many,” she said proudly.

Shades of Sundae has defined its goals across multiple areas. In the realm of fashion, the event aims to provide a platform for fashion enthusiasts to express themselves and showcase their stylish choices. It’s an opportunity for attendees to let their creativity shine through their outfits and become part of the fashion spectacle.

The event also seeks to highlight the Namibian creative industry by featuring different visual artists as headliners for each event. Attendees will be treated to a vibrant show of local talent, while local DJs will keep the atmosphere lively and energetic with their music.

Food is another essential aspect of Shades of Sundae. The event provides a stage for local food businesses to market their different offerings to a diverse crowd. Patrons can enjoy a variety of cuisines and experience the flavours of Namibia in a unique setting.

Photography enthusiasts and content creators will have the opportunity to capture and create works of art at the event. 

Shades of Sundae will serve as a playground for local photographers and content creators, allowing them to immortalise the vibrant moments and colourful experiences.

Each event will run from 14h00 to 20h00, giving patrons plenty of time to immerse themselves in the festivities. 

The target audience includes individuals of all genders aged 18 and older, with a focus on those with a modern and fashionable mindset. 

Content creators, creatives, and those who love to document their experiences will also find themselves right at home in this vibrant setting.

Monochrome Magazine is a Namibian digital fashion and lifestyles publication. Since its establishment in 2013, Monochrome has been dedicated to celebrating and elevating Namibia’s creative riches. 

With more than 1 000 Namibian stories told, numerous campaigns executed, and fashionable events hosted, Monochrome Magazine serves as an archive and celebration of Namibian creativity.

For more information, visit or follow @monochromemag on social media. 

2023-06-02  Staff Reporter

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