• April 9th, 2020

Shareholder accuses fellows of swindling him in fishing

ONGWEDIVA - Shareholders of the Namibian based Cassidra Fisheries understandably swindled a fellow shareholder, Abraham Shikongo a party to Cassidra of N$711 608 of dividends he was supposed to receive between 2012 and 2017.
Dividends for 2018 to this date are also still outstanding. In between, Shikongo said they (company management) every other year deposited bits of money of N$10 000 and N$15 000 which is far from what is due to him. Shikongo is the owner of the Omahangu Paper Project at Onankali. The alleged black sheep in the company he was allegedly introduced to the company by a spouse to one of the shareholders after he had compiled a business plan for him. Cassidra is co-owned by Naomi Natangwe Kefas who owns 30 percent shares, Sharon Magana Etuna Neumbo 20 percent, Jaquerine Anne Thiard 20 percent, Victor Simunja Simunja, Sophia Nangula Kasheeta and Abraham Shikongo who equally have 10 percent shares each.

Shikongo further claims that he was kept in the dark about the company operations and was never invited to meetings during his time as a shareholder of the company.

He also claims that he only became a valuable member of the company last year when the company again wanted to renew their contract. “I had initially refused to sign for the renewal of the contract until they persuaded me to sign in exchange of entering into an agreement of how the outstanding money would be paid,” says Shikongo. A letter this reporter has been apprised of shows that the shareholders agreed at a meeting held on July 3, 2018, to pay Shikongo the N$711 608 in three installments. The first was expected to be paid in August/September, the second in December and the last this January, however, Shikongo says he has not received anything to date.

The letter was signed by Kefas and Simunja who are both directors in the company. Shikongo says he only learned about the alleged money due to him after enquiring about the company when he was contacted to pen his signature on the renewal application. “I was provided with the information from the offices I visited when making enquiries,” Shikongo says adding that the company has in its existence set up a fish and biltong shop but have no role neither has it benefited anyone from the community.

Kefas who is the director and main shareholder in the company since last week promised to give her side of the story but in vain. She initially told this publication that she was ready to comment on the matter at the end of last week, but changed to arrange for a meeting last Tuesday but to no avail.

Nuusita Ashipala
2019-03-11 09:45:07 | 1 years ago

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