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Shikongo: Chinese won’t get special treatment 

2021-08-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Shikongo: Chinese won’t get special treatment 
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Deputy police chief Joseph Shikongo yesterday said Chinese nationals in Namibia will not be provided special protection, saying a letter circulating on social media, which is authored by police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga, has been misinterpreted. 

“What really happened is that following a bus blast about two weeks ago in Pakistan that killed 12 people, including nine Chinese nationals, the Chinese authority here notified us of the incident so that we can take extra caution. I think the notification was sent to all countries and our intention was to notify our regional commanders,” Shikongo said. 

The widely circulated letter had some social media commentators speculating that Chinese citizens living in Namibia will receive special treatment from the Namibian Police. However, Shikongo refuted the claims, explaining precautions are merely being taken since the Pakistan attack, which seemingly targeted Chinese expatriates. 

“There will be no special treatment or whatsoever for Chinese nationals,” Shikongo stressed. In the letter circulating on social media and copied to all regional commanders, Ndeitunga said his office has received a request from Chinese Embassy Defence Attaché Colonel Gao Peng to tighten up its security and enhance the sharing of information on possible potential threat of attacks aimed at the Chinese nationals in Namibia. 

“I hereby direct you, regional commanders, to sensitise your members in order for them to remain vigilant and further tighten our security measures to ensure that Chinese nationals and their business operations in Namibia are protected from any possible harm or attacks,” reads the letter.

2021-08-02  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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