• August 5th, 2020

Shooting from the hip - NFA Appeals Committee left more questions than answers

The rule of the game of football is just simple and straight forward: if you field an ineligible player the laws of football prescribes that your team should  forfeit three points in each and every match the player took part. 
Any disciplinary structure cannot ignore the rules of the game and must respect the disciplinary sanctions of football. It is this very same sanctions or system of punishing teams through the deduction of three points that sent rich and powerful clubs like Ajax Cape Town and Juventus to lower divisions in the past. 

The NFA Appeals Committee, with its recent decision on the Young African matter, established a very disastrous precedent were anyone who is involved in the game can do what they want. Further, one other aspect that makes it difficult to implement the N$100 000 fine given to Young African is the vagueness of the decision as it leaves a lot of loopholes as when and to who should the fine will be paid to.
It also has lacunas in making clear as to what will happen to Young African if they get readmitted, at what position will they be placed? What happened to the points they had at the time they were kicked out? 

We must be careful when we use legal minds who do not understand the laws of football, because you will be forced to reduce the game to more disputes. I have always said and maintained, criminal players and the likes don’t have the capacity and skills to oversee football matters, and it is a task entrusted with sport lawyers and sport law experts.
To conclude, I would however like to congratulate Young African for the decision that went in their favour, as I and many others are still left with a tautological shock of the NFA Appeals Committee.
I am a FIFA Licence holder in the Train a Trainer in Match Integrity area and know what serious consequences lays ahead for Namibian football. 

Staff Reporter
2020-07-24 10:58:40 | 12 days ago

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