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Slow start for 2023 Windhoek show

2023-09-28  Correspondent

Slow start for 2023 Windhoek show

The Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show being hosted by the Windhoek Show Society, which started last Friday and ends Saturday, has been described as the worst ever in terms of appeal.

The Windhoek Show hosts numerous agricultural and industrial events that draw local, regional and international
exhibitors by combining agricultural exhibitions, industrial and retail offerings as well as an array of food outlets.

In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, exhibitions coordinator Loide Armas said this year’s WIAS has over 200 exhibitors, including three international exhibitors from Tanzania, Ghana and
South Africa.

She stated that while the participation of Namibians is modest, it is to be expected, particularly in the first few days, after
which more people are expected to show up leading to the weekend.

“The first few days are normally quiet because the exhibition this year is dated on the 22nd, which is a pretty weird day, but that’s mainly because we didn’t want to jump into October. Last year, we jumped into October, which is not generally our thing because it clashes with our shows,” she explained.

She stated that they are working on a
show calendar for the year and that they have come to recognise their place in a sense, which is why it is preferable to host the
show in the space and period of September.

Armas urged Namibians to show up in large numbers, citing not just the exhibitions but also the much-anticipated fireworks display Thursday night.

“Everyone, including ourselves, is surprised by the technical engineer.
 He never truly informs you what he’ll be showcasing. So, I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful surprise,” she said. She added that the livestock sector has a lot to offer this year, with a variety of animals from farmers across the country, as well as a parade on Friday.

She added that the exhibition offers something for everyone and that it is not just for one sort of market, including some of the key service providers who are ready to serve every Namibian in a shorter period of time than it would typically take to get services given.

The first Windhoek Agricultural Show in German South West Africa took place on 2 and 3 June 1899, with 22 exhibitors.


2023-09-28  Correspondent

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