• December 3rd, 2020

Smart farming practices spotlighted 

WINDHOEK- Smart Farming is the topic of a discussion on Thursday at the Namibia Institute of Personnel and Administration Management (NIPAM) Executive Conference Hall. The event is open to the public, but registration is essential. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Bank Windhoek website: www.bankwindhoek.com.na. 

Dr. Willem Hoffmann, a lecturer in Farm Management at the University of Stellenbosch, and an international speaker on the topic of the design and improvement of farming systems, will host the discussion under the theme: “Smart farming: Principles for uncertain times”. Dr. Hoffmann is the co-author of numerous publications such as Towards a system-specific framework for the sustainability evaluation of low-input ruminant meat production systems in developing countries and Facilitating small grain production system innovation in the Western Cape, South Africa to name a few.

Considering the impact of climate change and bush encroachment on agriculture, Dr. Hoffman will focus on the causes of uncertainty in farming. He will also discuss challenges that Namibian farmers face, strategies to practically adapt to challenges, and how to manage farming businesses for more profitability. In addition, Hoffmann will talk about adapting and embracing new technology to improve profitability, and how banks can assist farmers to achieve their goals. 

After his talk, Dr. Hoffmann will be joined by a local panel of experts to discuss local solutions for local challenges. Hoffmann grew up on a farm in the Kalahari area, and he has worked as an extension officer for the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Economics prior to obtaining his PhD in Agriculture from the University of Stellenbosch. He specialises in the field of farm management, financial management and farm business planning. Hoffman has a keen interest in the design and improvement of farming systems and the incorporation of expert knowledge into systems analysis. The discussion will be made possible by Bank Windhoek. For further information, contact Bronwyn Moody: moodyb@bankwindhoek.com.na or 061 299 1263.

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