• July 8th, 2020

SPYL condemns exploitation of customers 

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) in Oshikoto has condemned the exploitation of customers by taxis and bus drivers that are charging exorbitant fares as well as overloading.

 This is prohibited under the current lockdown guidelines and regulations.
This was revealed by a dismayed regional SPYL secretary Josef Katukula who said he observed people being offloaded at Tsumeb check point by bus drivers and leaving them in no man’s land, with a reduced refund on their transport money. 
“I am greatly disappointed with transport companies loading more passengers than allowed, leaving many passengers stranded at roadblocks unable to leave the demarcated zones. Such acts are uncalled for and saddening, it could lead to somebody in dire need being denied a critical service. 

Apart from that, they are charged astronomical amounts of which they are not refunded in full while they have not reached the agreed final destination,” fumed Katukula in an interview with New Era. 
He described such cases as the daytime robbery of vulnerable people. 

Meanwhile, the president of Namibia Transport and Taxi Union Werner Januarie was last week quoted on One Africa TV instigating his members to overcharge their customers as they have been making a loss since they cannot load to full capacity. 
“How else are we going to make-up for our loss? I am asking the members to overcharge irrespective of the destination,” Januarie was quoted as having said.

Due to the lockdown rules and regulations, it is stipulated a sedan can only load three passengers, a seven seater four while buses load half the carrying capacity. 

”This daylight robbery must stop. Authorities have revised the way permits have been handed out to curb unnecessary travel. Therefore, I also call for transport companies to get the same treatment, should a company make themselves guilty of such transgression, their permit should be revoked after dropping the passengers. I also plead with passengers to stand to acquaint themselves with the rules and not allow themselves to be exploited,” he lamented, advising everyone to adhere to the lockdown regulations.
Katukula continued to preach about the One Namibia One Nation where each and everyone should ask themselves what they can do for their country than to criticise. 

“However, while others are going out of their way, I am dismayed how others are using this time to exploit others and the transport sector is amongst those. The regulations are very clear about the number of passengers and everybody traveling during these times is preforming or on the way to perform an essential or critical service,” he said. 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-04-30 10:24:51 | 2 months ago

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