• August 11th, 2020

SPYL joins anti-phosphate mining chorus

WALVIS BAY – The Swapo Party Youth (SPYL) has added its voice to the growing opposition against the mooted marine phosphate mining in Namibia. 

The fishing industry held a massive demonstration recently at Walvis Bay to air the same sentiments.
SPYL is now also calling upon all patriotic Namibians to stand up against phosphate mining, which they referred to as a “doomed project”.

Phosphate mining has been a bone of contention in the country, with many fearing that the project puts marine life at risk. SPYL secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation Gerson Lineekela Dumeni in a statement issued yesterday said they have taken note of the public’s outcry and concerns including that of unions – an outcry they sympathise with.

“We are cautioning government through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism not to approve the marine deteriorating plan on phosphate mining. 

“We are unsettled with the proposal to set up a marine phosphate mining operation in Namibia and are unequivocally calling on the Minister of Environment and Tourism not to regale such an investment which endangers Namibian marine resources,” Dumeni said yesterday. 

Dumeni added that marine phosphate mining would have a detrimental effect on Namibia’s fishing industry, which not only contributes greatly to the gross domestic product and the country’s tax reserves but employs and supports thousands of households both directly and indirectly.

“We cannot afford to risk the future of the current and generations to come. It is our mandate to defend and protect the national interest of the country and never to trade its resources to certain individuals who see nothing wrong with auctioning the future of our country to the highest international bidders,” he said. He added that these international  bidders have little or no regard for the future of the country and that of young people whose future is being placed at risk for monetary gain. 

“We should bear in mind that should this project be given the green light, our marine life could be endangered, and the temporary financial rewards will be negated out by the long term irreversible deterioration of our environment and marine resources,” cautioned Dumeni. According to Dumeni, SPYL’s position on marine phosphate mining is loud and clear that it is a big no.

“We say no to the financial exploitation of our resources at the expense of our environment. No to the auctioning of our country to capitalist monopolies with no regard to the legacy that will be inherited by the future generation,” Dumeni said.

“Marine phosphate mining has the potential of damaging our precious marine ecosystem and robbing future generations of a viable and reliable fishing sector.” 

Eveline de Klerk
2019-09-18 06:55:14 | 10 months ago

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