• August 5th, 2020

Star of the Week - Liina Risager

Our Star of the Week is Liina Risager, a jobless woman, who spent her 50th birthday by feeding and donating several items to a destitute family from the Goreangab informal settlement.  The compassionate Risager showed up with her children, children’s friends, her friends and her niece at the house of Peneombili Shindume to celebrate the milestone, and she treated the Shindumes to drinks and a variety of food that she had prepared herself. She also handed out clothes and food to the poverty-stricken family. “I cooked food. I turned 50 years – and all that I got for my birthday, I donated to the family,” remarked the unemployed Risager, who is also looking for work. New Era wrote about the plight of Shindume (35) and her children, one of whom is wheelchair-bound. Shindume and her family survive on handouts. They sometimes go without food for days.

Staff Reporter
2020-07-10 09:47:13 | 26 days ago

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