• July 6th, 2020

Star of the Week - Namibian authorities from various ministries

Our Star of the Week is the Namibian authorities from various ministries and agencies joint efforts to ensure the smooth and safe repatriation of 182 Zimbabwean nationals back to their country. 
The 182 Zimbabweans were among seven Namibians, Mozambicans, Malawians and Asians that spent 73 days at sea after the cruise liner decided to repatriate them from Florida in America via sea, as all international flights have been grounded due to the coronavirus outbreak. Zimbabwean ambassador to Namibia, Rofina Chikava, applauded the local authorities for allowing the stranded 182 Zimbabweans to return home safely.

Staff Reporter
2020-06-05 09:50:24 | 1 months ago

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