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Stock theft suspects denied bail

2018-08-23  Staff Reporter

Stock theft suspects denied bail
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KHORIXAS - Four suspects accused of illegally slaughtering a heifer worth N$8000 were denied bail when they appeared in court early this week. The heifer belongs to a veteran teacher Sakarias Goamub.

The suspects who appeared before the Khorixas Magistrate’s Court were Haroldt van Wyk (35), Johannes Gawiseb (37), Dawid Banana Sakarias (37), Pamela Bezuidehout (36) while the fifth suspect Martinus Nanuseb was arrested another day. Bezuidenhout, the only female suspects was transported to the Kamanjab police holding cells while others are at the Khorixas police holding cells. 

Some of the suspects in this case allegedly slaughtered a heifer at around 13h00 at Ruitkul farm, Khorixas district. Sakarias is suspected of helping to transport the meat while Bezuidenhout allegedly bought the meat of the stolen heifer. The suspects told the court they will apply for legal aid and were all denied bail as they might interfere with the ongoing police investigations. 

They were also told that other suspects could be added to the case.
Early this month, Roberto Ganeb (22) and Armandus Gaoseb (19) were arrested for alleged stock theft of a bull worth N$15 000, at the Springbok Vlakte. On July 07, a case of stock theft was opened after four goats worth N$3600 were stolen from the grazing field Eintlik Pos by unknown suspect/s.

Chief Inspector Hiskia Nuuyoma, the Station Commander of Khorixas police revealed stock theft cases have been on the decrease since last year but over the past three months, there has been an increase.
Caption (Cattle): An illustrative photo of a herder milking a cow

2018-08-23  Staff Reporter

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