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Stop killing! Gospel artist pleads with single

2018-08-17  Pinehas Nakaziko

Stop killing! Gospel artist pleads with single
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Local Gospel singer, Rodney Seibeb, recently released a new single titled !Nab/ Guiba !Hoa, which means only light must speak, a head of his much anticipated album titled Focus On You, to be release next month.

The song is just a foretaste of what to expect on the album, which will be having 12 tracks and hit songs such as Focus on You, Everything Gonna be Okay, and Never Give Up. Nab/ Guiba !Hoa is call for an end to the endless killings in the country. It also clamour for an end to poverty. “We need God’s light to maintain peace, joy and love, as well to fight against financial constrain in our motherland,” explains Rodney. The song has been produced by Steven! Naruseb, Welwitchia Music Production.

A popular contemporary recording singer, songwriter and live performer, he continues to break barriers when it comes to gospel music, while trying to keep it alive. This year he was nominated for the Ngoma Gospel Music Awards for Sadu /Nami, which means “your love”. Last years at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) he also had two nominations, Best Gospel with the song Your Love and Best Reggae with the song Impact on us. He shot to fame when he recorded Sadu /Nami (your love) some years ago, calling for unity among Namibians if they are to stand against tribulation. “With my music, I want everyone to recognise me as a true writer—a person who is married to his work. I like to think I’m the weird scientist in the basement,” says Rodney. He started singing at 12 years in a choir, and was later groomed by the owner of Welwitschia Music Production.

His last album, Sadu /Nami, released last year, has motivational songs with the core message against crime which is rife in the country, and against disunity, singing for all Namibians to stand together as one nation.

2018-08-17  Pinehas Nakaziko

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