• February 23rd, 2020

Student starts foundation to help struggling learners

WINDHOEK - A 21-year-old student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), Olivia Hamukwaya, has started the Plus Mindsets foundation to help vulnerable and struggling learners with motivational talks and educational tools. 
Hamukwaya says the foundation has also been established to inspire, motivate and reach out to young people who are going through difficulties. She believes in helping others to rise to greatness by helping young ones build a future themselves as part of their obligation. 

Their mission is inspired by a Nelson Mandela quote that “the past is our lesson, the present our gift and the future our motivation”. Hamukwaya adds that her main focus is to redirect youth in bettering the world, and creating business-minded and positive young Namibians that are wiser and less reluctant. “We also aim to develop young people that have a sense of caring and respect for elders and one another,” explains Hamukwaya. 

So far the Plus Mindsets has done motivational talks at various schools such as Acacia High and Eldorado Secondary. With the foundation, Hamukwaya and her team will be launching a Back to School Drive campaign, hosting motivational talks on life experiences as well as donating school stationery to various schools in the capital, starting with Havana Primary School on February 25. The Back to School Drive aims to help learners without educational tools (such as school uniforms and stationery) to sail through the year with ease. 

They are currently busy with collecting donations. “Moving from school to school, talking to youth from a point of experience, and lessons learned is our aim. 

We also encourage diversity between education and talent discovery, as we believe talent in cooperation keeps many young people out of trouble, and in most times one can make money through portrayal of their talent. Most importantly it can lead in one finding their purpose in life,” says Hamukwaya. 

She adds that the future looks very promising for Plus Mindsets as they look into having a large group of youth changing the leaners’ way of thinking, and on helping the government in reducing the rate of failures in Grade 10 and Grade 12. 
“We are hoping to have many other organisations, companies and the community join in our journey. We also aim to travel to all parts of the country to get the word out there,” she says.

Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-02-13 10:14:59 | 1 years ago

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