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Students raise sexual consent awareness

2021-10-20  Staff Reporter

Students raise sexual consent awareness

Elizabeth Hiyolwa 


DIVUNDU – A group of final-year law students from the University of Namibia conducted a community impact project, focussing on sexual consent, at Martin Ndumba Secondary School in Divundu, Kavango East, last week. 

The two-day event was motivated by the statistics from the education ministry, which revealed the two
Kavango regions are one of the most affected regions in terms of teenage pregnancy. 

The group, therefore, attempted to supplement government’s efforts in curbing teenage pregnancy by tackling the aspect of sexual consent.

Samuel Shiimbi, a final-year law student, said sexual education should never go off the face of public engagement and media, saying: “As much as this may be a sensitive topic of discussion to many, we need to find courage and time to engage robustly in sexual discourses”.

He further argued that sexual offences take place daily in homes, schools and offices, and can only be meaningful if society is engaged with the reality of the matter through education and awareness.

Shiimbi emphasised: “Despite the existence of legal frameworks in combating sexual offences, law, alone, cannot win the fight, hence the need for a holistic approach in the form of social education”.

Edward Kakuro, a learner, said the information he received on sexual consent was interesting and something he could relate to – and that he is of the opinion it will be beneficial for other learners to get access to such information. 

“It’s not only me who should benefit from this. Others should also hear this important information,” he said. 

Kakuro added that since he was elected as the chairperson of the social club, he looks forward to working with other learners and stepping in to assist learners in different ways when they do not feel free to approach teachers for assistance. 

Another learner Tamu Kafuro indicated that she hopes the social club will help curb the high pregnancy rate at the school and also ensure learners engage in planting more trees for shade in the schoolyard.

During the event, the students donated sanitary pads and balls, valued at N$1 500.

2021-10-20  Staff Reporter

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