• June 20th, 2019
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Suggestion boxes intended to improve service delivery - Simataa


John Muyamba RUNDU - The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa says the public must make use of suggestion boxes installed at information offices. This Simataa said is so that the ministry and government could improve on service delivery. He made the remarks when he officially inaugurated the new Information and Communication Technology regional office at Rundu last Thursday. “The inauguration of our offices here today, reinforces a sense of permanence of our ministry in the Kavango East Region, whilst at the same time providing the staff with spacious and conducive working environment for them to perform effectively,” said the information minister. “What we are truly celebrating here is how this building will in future serve as a conduit to make information available in the right form and at the right time to the users,” he continued. Simataa said information ministry officials have a huge task to provide much-needed first class ICT services to the nation and in so doing addressing the bulging hunger for information. “The most important assets for our ministry are the customers. Not long ago, we launched the Ministerial Customer Charter. This is our covenant with our people - those we serve, indeed those we owe our being as civil servants,” Simataa said. Simataa emphasised the charter will not be worth the paper it is written on if actions by ministerial staff continue to be at variance with what they have promised to accomplish. “I therefore encourage members of the public, to hold us accountable. Suggestion boxes displayed at all Ministry Information and Communication Technology offices are meant for submitting feedback on service delivery and where appropriate advance suggestions as to how the delivery of such services can be improved,” he stated. The new regional office is resourced with every amenity needed to address the ICT needs of the people as in this light members of the public will have access to internet for business transactions, educational assignments, health and agriculture related information. There is a state of the art equipment sound studio for young aspiring artists to record their music or produce videos. “You are encouraged to visit the library to gather information, look for materials to read for enjoyment, or find ways to improve your work or daily life. All these services should enable users to reap the dividends of ICT,” he appealed to residents.
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2018-05-29 09:32:10 1 years ago

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