• August 5th, 2020

Swakopmund mayor pledges to support youth

Linekela Halwoodi

SWAKOPMUND – Newly-elected Swakopmund mayor Nehemiah Salomon says the local authority will do everything possible to ensure young people are part of economic activities at the town. Salomon said accepting the position of mayor meant that he needed to acknowledge some important issues in the community, such as youth unemployment. 

“First, the unemployment issue has to be addressed together with the youth; we have policies in place in these institutions that we have approved and adopted, saying whatever project will be carried out, we must make sure that at least 60 percent of those projects are run by the youth,” he said. 

Similarly, he also voiced the importance of maintaining a healthy environment that will attract investors. 
“The community of Swakopmund assigned me with this responsibility, and if we are to make changes together with my fellow councilors, we would want them (public) to assist us by familiarising themselves with the policies and by-laws of the local authority and to cooperate with what we are requesting them to do,” he said. 

“We will try to improve the lives of Swakopmund residents. We will try to execute the manifestos as stimulated by our party, and we will make sure we include their concerns whatever we are about to do.” Salomon also plans on tackling the issue of sanitation and housing in Swakopmund. 

“We would want to see that low income communities are catered for. We would want to see that at least every citizen has potable water and has the necessary services that the municipality can provide at their disposal. 
I would like to assure our people that I will always be their servant. I will always want to consult them because in consultation with the communities and various stakeholders, we will tackle the issues that are hindering the progress of our town,” he concluded.

Staff Reporter
2020-01-21 07:22:50 | 6 months ago

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