• January 29th, 2020

Tea-party at the Gardener Academy private school

WINDHOEK – Youth Corner’s Aletta Shikololo last week visited the Gardener Academy private school’s Kg5 class and joined them for a cup of tea. The learners who were taught how to make tea for their guests were excited about the tea party.  

Mercy Tjiueza, the class teacher explained that there are six units (lessons) in a year and that the tea party formed part of the ‘Family and Friends’ unit. 

“We taught the learners that visitors are coming over for tea, so we had to set up and then have visitors come in for tea. The kids also have to know how to prepare tea for visitors", she said.
She said such activities prepare learners for responsibilities in their homes and society.  “They mold them to also just taking up responsibilities,” said Tjiueza. 

Staff Reporter
2019-06-26 10:43:07 | 7 months ago

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