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Teachers urged to get vaccinated

2021-08-02  John Muyamba

Teachers urged to get vaccinated
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RUNDU - The directorate of education and the Namibia Teachers Union (Nantu) in the Kavango East region have urged teachers that are not vaccinated to get inoculated against Covid-19. 

On Friday, the directorate and Nantu mobilised some education staff to get their vaccine doses at the education regional office in Rundu where a mobile team was stationed. 

“By getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you will not get Covid-19 but it will protect you from getting critically ill. I got my first jab and I am due for my second dose once AstraZeneca vaccine is available,” said Kavango East education director Fanuel Kapapero.

 “Let us go to vaccination points in numbers to save ourselves and our learners,” Kapapero said vaccination is key in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, adding citizens should not be misled by propagandists. “I am informed that to date, there are about nine teachers that have died in our region and that is sad. We want to prevent these Covid-19 deaths, hence the call to get vaccinated. Please, teachers, go to vaccination points to do the right thing,” he noted.  Kapapero further stated mobile teams will be sent to schools to vaccinate learners that are 18 years and above as well as teachers who are willing. A senior health official in the region, Peter Haita said by Friday, Kavango East had 34 patients hospitalised with Covid-19, while seven require intensive care.

 "To date, total deaths in Kavango East are at 168 and 60 of these deaths are home deaths. We currently have about 88 in-home isolation while 13 are at out of hospital isolation centres," said Haita. 

“We are encouraging teachers and the general public to get vaccinated as the vaccines are safe and effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalisation and deaths. These vaccines are available at all our clinics, health centres and hospitals in the region.” 

2021-08-02  John Muyamba

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