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Teachers urged to play bigger role in learners’ lives

2019-06-06  Staff Reporter

Teachers urged to play bigger role in learners’ lives
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Nambara Stefanus 

NKURENKURU – During her visit to Kavango West region, Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi the Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation has encouraged teachers to play a bigger role in learners’ lives and collectively work together to succeed.

She made the remarks as she addressed teachers at Kahenge Combined School, stressing teaching is not only about having the sophistication of the subject matter but seeing beyond the subject taught, loving the learners and reaching out to their lives. “See where they are struggling, see where their challenges are and maybe if need be, reach out to where the sources of their problems and challenges are coming from,” she encouraged teachers. This, Kandjii-Murangi, said is because learners might come from adverse environments that could have a negative impact on the education imparted in schools.

“We know that the actual socialisation of our youth starts at home but it needs refinement continuously within our school system, so that is where the role of being parent-substitutes is also there and it is a role that we cannot downplay,” she added. She told teachers the key of hope for learners is to some extent in their hands and that they stand to unlock and help to develop learners’ potentials and their God-given talents. She thus said that it is critical for teachers to understand the extent of the importance and impact of their collective and individual roles and responsibilities.

The minister also encouraged teachers to have teamwork spirit in order to succeed together and uphold the image of their school.

This, she said, is because the school’s success and image does not depend on the principal alone but rather a collective endeavour.

“Basically, I believe the school takes its identity from its teachers, its learners, so you are all responsible for the image of the school, the conduct of those learners even if you don’t teach them, you are part of the school community that is entrusted by the nation to mold them,” she said.

“We expect you to know that you are responsible for the promotion and maintenance of a good and an attractive physical, social and academic environment at your school and that environment it has to translate to self-respect, discipline, excellence and a very good institutional reputation. That’s where collectivism and ownership comes in,” she stated.

The minister further told them that there has to be a set of values that they all have to agree to uphold and imprint in themselves and in learners at all times.

Kandjii-Murangi also visited Nkurenkuru Combined School where she addressed teachers, learners and parents collectively.

2019-06-06  Staff Reporter

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