• August 15th, 2020

Team Namibia connects manufacturers with retailers

WINDHOEK - Team Namibia held a retail networking event to support manufacturers of cosmetic and beauty products to secure shelf space in Windhoek pharmacies as well as duty free outlets on September 3.

Representatives from Olympia Pharmacy, Mitzi’s Pharmacy, Tauben Glen Pharmacy, Westlane Pharmacy, Tee Kay Pharmacy, Essential Health Pharmacy, Luisen Apotheke, International Pharmacy and City Pharmacy, as well as Paragon and Quatar Airways attended the event to meet with the manufacturers. Exhibiting in the speed-dating style networking event were Ilotu, Desert Secrets, Ecoso Dynamics, Chrisla Essentials, Ousie’s Skin Care, Mediplants, Eden Manufacturers, Elmarie Thompson Incorporated, Kuti Oil and Lexious offering customer service training.

Manufacturers who participated at the Team Namibia networking event offer products ranging from skin and hair healthcare products, to perfumes, room aroma, skin care oils, devil’s claw skin products, medicinal powders, sanitary pads and cosmetic oils. Respective representatives from retailers offered advice and pledged to support local businesses by procuring locally produced products. 

The retail networking events organised by Team Namibia provide a platform for retailers to look for possible local suppliers during a very short space of time. The purpose is not only to facilitate market access for the manufacturers but also that they would be provided with effective feedback if they were to fail to meet all requirements for stocking by respective retailers. The initiative is to help manufacturers develop into sustainable businesses.

Jan Coetzee, founder of Headway Consulting (Pty) Ltd and chairperson of Team Namibia said: “Supporting local producers will allow them to further evolve and develop their products. Retailers need quality, consistency and quantities, and these can only be achieved through market expansion. With an increase in production, local producers can also start benefiting from economies of scale and bring down their unit costs.

This will further provide the scope for more purchases as well as higher margins for our retailers.”
Team Namibia emphasised the vital of supporting local businesses as it creates jobs and therefore reduces unemployment and supports everyone’s effort to work towards the reduction of poverty and the development of a sustainable economy. 

All representatives were given a chance of about 10 minutes to meet and talk with one another before moving to the next table. Finally, all representatives present were served with Namibian wine, cheese and nibbles for them to enjoy, kindly sponsored by Farm Krumhuk. 

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