• June 5th, 2020

Tearful Maamberua bids parly farewell

WINDHOEK – A visibly emotional Swanu Member of Parliament (MP), Usutuaije Maamberua received a standing ovation as he bade farewell to parliament after serving there for over nine years.

Maamberua has often clashed on policy issues with fellow MPs both in the ruling Swapo Party benches and those from other opposition parties, but on Wednesday, MPs including those of Swapo, APP and Nudo paid glowing tribute to him.
“It was a privilege and honour to serve the Namibian nation through my participation in parliamentary work, close to a decade now. And yes, I love the job not for its prestige, its titles and ceremonies but for its potential to make this country fairer, more tolerant, more democratic, more prosperous, more just and equitable, authentically inclusive –a truly caring and sharing Namibia,” Maamberua told the National Assembly 

Maamberua who will go into retirement told MPs that there are some unfinished business being the reparations for genocide, universal health care system, sovereign wealth fund, genocide remembrance day as-well the land question and the ancestral land rights.

“I have been asked severally and variously what I am going to do next as I exit this august house. I am going to do a lot of things and very few of them conform to the notion of retirement,” he said.    

“When I finally leave this place, I am taking many of you with me. You will live on in my memories. I shall always remember the things we achieved together. So shall I continue to treasure the innumerable disagreement we have had to agree on taking this nation forward,” he said.

He also thanked speakers - past and present and all parliamentary support staff for a diligent job.

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2019-03-01 10:01:09 | 1 years ago

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