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Teen accused of rape rampage 

2020-08-20  Obrien Simasiku

Teen accused of rape rampage 
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Obrein Simasiku

OMUTHIYA - More details have emerged of how a teenage boy has allegedly been preying on minor girls for sexual exploitation between September 2019 and August this year. The suspect is accused of having raped six girls, including a three-year-old. He now faces six counts of rape, with the possibility of more charges to be laid as investigations progress. The suspect would allegedly conduct his acts during the night at Indongo Ya Keelu village. 

According to the police, it has been established that the send away 17-year-old, who was recently arrested for rape, has left a trail of horrendous acts in every home he resided, with a possibility of having committed the same crime before as he has been moving from one house to the next. 
Last week, the police apprehended the suspect after a report came through that he was having sexual intercourse with minors aged, three, seven and nine. These immoral behaviour came to light this month after the mother of the latest victims noticed footprints heading in and out of the girls’ room, while the youngest was being defiled in the parents’ living room where the alleged paedophile was sleeping. “After probing the minors narrated the whole ordeal while the youngest started demonstrating the evil act. 

The father was also present. Investigations are underway to also establish the reason why the suspect was chased away in the first place as there is a probability it could have been for the same reason,” said crime investigations coordinator for the Oshikoto police, Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua. These acts happened shortly after the humanely betrayed neighbours, following his eviction from a family house over alleged misunderstanding, accommodated the suspect in their house.  “This developed our basis of investigation as to why the suspect was chased out of the house. We have now established that he has committed similar offences in his previous residence in which he has been sexually violating three other teenage girls aged seven, 10 and 13 respectively,” added Katjiua, saying the victims have since been taken to hospital for medical examinations.

2020-08-20  Obrien Simasiku

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