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The “cut off” game is not logical

2019-04-10  Staff Reporter

The “cut off” game is not logical

Don’t let the world have you thinking that the ‘cut off’ game is better than the power of reconciliation. It’s not.
One reaches a stage in their lifetime where they realise that life is not as straight as an arrow. It’s not as simple as it’s advertised or even easy for that matter. There is not really a guidebook for living, so the rules to life vary from person to person. And everybody is writing theirs as they go along.

People come into and out of our lives throughout the years. Some, (very few) today are our closest confidants and friends, some are just acquaintances and others we consider useful relationships. These people in our lives serve us well and we them, it’s a beneficial reciprocal relationship for everyone involved.

Of course some people that come into one’s life are not always there to your advantage, some can be a cancer and cause some undesirable turbulence in your life. As a youth, you have been warned time and time again about such people.
The auto response to such people is to cut them off, they are dead weight and should be dropped from your life immediately. At least that’s what the quotes and ‘self-centered motivation’ on the internet are saying. And on paper it does make sense.
In reality though not so much, it’s not really just simple to cut someone off or out of your life. It doesn’t really work like that. Not in many cases anyway.

Say a co-worker or classmate whom you developed a good relationship with beyond work or school, for some reason starts acting out of character and exhibiting traits that are detrimental to your peace of mind. One of your responses to that is to cut them out of your life. 

Can you really cut their b******t out of your life?
We are humans and we tend to be more wrong than right, just as someone might be bad for us, we could be bad for someone we consider good for ourselves. You could be the cancer too, check yourself.
People take time to come into themselves especially during their youthful years, some go through a million errors before they realise their life needs to change for the better, some can change at the first sign of trouble. We are not the same in that regard. 

The journey of life is long and unpredictable and having good company along the way makes it that much easier and better. 
So mend broken relationships, cause in real life, it is people that make your time on earth worth it.

*Olavi Popyeinawa has a diploma in alternative dispute resolution and is currently studying law, LLB at the University of Namibia. He writes on youth matters. Find him on Instagram: niceguy_olavi, Facebook: Olavi Longfellow and Twitter: @ Olavi Popyeinawa

2019-04-10  Staff Reporter

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