• July 17th, 2019
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The legacy of Munyuku II remembered


Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Ezorongondo, Epukiro-The 10th anniversary of Ovambanderu Chief Munyuku II Nguvauva’s death was commemorated at his homestead at Ezorongondo village in Epukiro Constituency of the Omaheke Region this past weekend. Members of the Mbanderu community, clad in their predominantly green attire, gathered here for three days to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of their chief. Munyuku II led the Ovambanderu community from 1951 up until his death in January 2008. Munyuku II is the great-grandson of the slain Mbanderu Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva, who was executed by the German colonial government at Okahandja in 1896 for having staged the first armed resistance against Imperial Germany. Those who thronged Ezorongondo on Saturday shared their love for the Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Munyuku III Nguvauva with pomp, colour, excitement and songs. The commemoration was characterised by the trademark Ovambanderu battle cries and procession led by horse riders. There was a traditional parade of cavalry, traditional rituals and a parade of troops and horses. Among those in attendance were Chief Tjinaani Maharero, Khomas Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua and Chief Manuel Nguvauva of Botswana, Ghamiland, who is the older brother of Chief Kilus. Speaker after speaker praised the late Munyuku II, recalling him as selfless, patriotic and a man of conviction. In his keynote address, Chief Munyuku III spoke of the need for unity, saying that unity, collaboration and a hardworking spirit are important elements in fostering development in the region. Chief Munyuku III called for the establishment of the Ovambanderu Women League and the Elder Council. He also called for the establishment of the Ovambanderu Trust Fund, saying that there is a need for the formation of a fund to help the community. Chief Munyuku III announced that he would officially take up the position of community chief on a full time capacity this year. Ovambanderu Senior Traditional Councillor Gerson Katjirua has been the acting chief of the Ovambanderu since 2014.
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2018-01-23 09:28:02 1 years ago

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