• July 2nd, 2020

The Maranatha Trinity: Trailblazing gospel star guns for the big stage

Award-winning gospel vocalist, Maranatha Goroh, popularly known as Maranatha, spoke about her thrilling journey with a new album, Maranatha Music Ministries (M3) brand, new singles and her album release party.

Following her debut masterpiece album titled ‘Smile’, which was released in 2016, Maranatha has been hard at work, working on new projects including a new album, rebranding of her image under M3, as well as performing abroad.

Last week, Maranatha spoke on how she is trying to penetrate the global market with her new music, where she features different international acts.

This was also proven by her latest third single titled ‘No Other Love’, featuring Naomi Classik, one of Nigeria’s top vocal coaches. The single was released last week on some local radio stations as well as on social media platforms.

According to Maranatha, the single that was put together by different producers such as Mr Glo and DJ K Boz is not talking about the love of boyfriends and girlfriends, but the love of God. 
“On this single, I am singing out of my self-testimony, and expressing love for God,” says Maranatha, adding that God’s love is unconditional.

The single is a foretaste of what to expect on Maranatha’s upcoming album titled ‘Intimate Love’.
The single also followed her two inspirational singles ‘A Million Bright Torches’, and ‘All We Need’ featuring South African former Idols winner, Heinz Winckler, and gospel singer Ntokozo Mbambo.
Speaking of her upcoming 15-track album with unparalleled excitement, and rightly so, Maranatha says the whole album is about her love for God. 

On the album, she teamed up with acclaimed international gospel stars of Ntokozo Mbambo, Shaun P, Heinz Winkler, Patrick Duncan, Naomi Classik and Freddie Vessels to give the album a different taste.
Asked why it took her two years to complete the whole album, she says it is because of different producers and artists from different countries that worked tirelessly on the album.

“I also have to fly outside the country to look for suitable artists to feature on my album and different producers,” says Maranatha.

Her aim was to go global with the album and penetrate the international market. “The album also aims to touch many people’s lives and change their mindsets, especially those that are not Christians to start believing in God,” she explained.

Maranatha added that all her new projects were done under her new brand M3. M3 comprises 14 members, including media people such as videographers, graphic designers, photographers and seven singers.

Meantime, Maranatha has announced her album release party at Protea Furstenhof Hotel on Friday, November 1, which she says is going to be one of a kind.

During the release party, there will be a live band performance by M3 as well as artists that are under Nam Gospel United. There will also be video clips of Maranatha’s musical journey, performances, listening session of the album, mingling and interaction with the audience.

Tickets will be sold in advance at Antonio’s Art for N$200. The package includes an album, welcoming drinks and a meal.
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