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Theofelus proud to have shattered the glass ceiling

2021-09-08  Aletta Shikololo

Theofelus proud to have shattered the glass ceiling

From being appointed as the deputy minister of information and technology at 23 to being recognised as the youngest deputy minister on the continent, Emma Theofelus continues to use her voice to champion causes that affect the lives of African youth.

The young leader again features on the 2021 list of 100 Most Influential African Women for the second time in a row.

Established by leading African PR and rating firm Avance Media, the annual list aims to highlight and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of African women across the globe.

Also on the list is Namibian social and economic justice activist and lawyer Bience Gawanas and other remarkable women, who inspire the next generation of women around the world.

“This recognition, two years in a row, is quite humbling because I am the youngest leader recognised on the list among phenomenal women who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning decades in leadership in most sectors. I am extremely humbled,” she told Youth Corner.

As she emerges as one of the progressive young leaders, Theofelus said she will continue to use the opportunity granted to her by the Namibian president to work for her country and to cement the youth.

“I will not tire because before I was Emma – the member of parliament and the youngest deputy minister on the continent – I was Emma who used her voice consistently to advocate for social justice.”

Theofelus said she is proud to have shattered the glass ceiling of political leadership not only in Namibia but Africa as a whole.

“More of my proudest moments include working towards narrowing the digital divide and advocating for digital justice; running the government information centre; launching a project that brings young people like me closer to parliament, called ‘Bring A Buddy To Parly’; tabling a motion in parliament for the removal of the pink tax in Namibia, and training Namibians on digital literacy through our MPCCs (Ministerial Policy Coordinating Committee), amongst others.”

Speaking on youth leadership in the country, Theofelus said young people are beginning to take up more leadership positions.

“I am optimistic about youth leadership in Namibia. The more of us desire to serve our countries and continent, and aim to learn the necessary skills of servant leadership. I believe we will surely lead our countries to prosperity and get our continent right,” she concluded.


2021-09-08  Aletta Shikololo

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