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Thoroughbreds set to dazzle Gobabis

2023-11-29  Correspondent

Thoroughbreds set to dazzle Gobabis

Zebaldt Ngaruka 


GOBABIS – Top Namibian racehorses in the thoroughbred category are eyeing victories for the Gobabis Summer Derby, which will be hosted by Aminuis Racing Club in collaboration with Debmarine Namibia in the Omaheke region.

Thoroughbred horses are born outside Namibia, and they are also known as import horses because they enter the country with passports.

Most imported horses in Namibia are bought from neighbouring South Africa.

The interesting part about these thoroughbred horses is that they become Nambred when they compete in events outside Namibia.

Most racing clubs and individual horse owners who spoke to this publication said they are aiming for top accolades at the Gobabis Summer Derby.

Eamon Freygang said he would bring nine thoroughbred horses to the competition to sweep all accolades.

“I can tell you my horses are fit, responding well to all training aspects, and I want nothing but a win. I am not fearing anyone there; Gobabis is my hometown, and my record is good at that turf,” Freygang said.

He added that his top horse, Unbroken Promises, will overcome the famous thoroughbred horse, Starlile, from Okahandja Racing.

“I know Starlile is a historical horse, and it has a good record, but I will defeat it in Gobabis,” said Freygang frankly.

Kopano Turf Club’s Sabby Serogwe said their club will take six to eight thoroughbred horses to the Summer Derby.

“This is the last event on the racing calendar, and we want to end the year in style. We trained them well, and we do not have injuries so far,” said Serogwe.

Amongst their horses, Serogwe said Talk to Me and Call Me Home will give opponents a tough time on the turf.

“I can assure you of their victories on different plates, and Gobabis will be dusty – come the event day; all our supporters will be in Gobabis,” assured Serogwe.

Bernard Kaanjuka from Okaondeka Racing said their four horses are fit and ready to do wonders in Gobabis.

“They rested well, we maintained them well, and we are eyeing victories. We tried our best, and we have a good record at that Gobabis turf, where Gimme the Light and Bring Me More were victors at previous events,” said Kaanjuka.

He also confirmed that their jockey is fully aware of the big event, and it understands the expectations placed on him.

According to Zuma Kavirombo of the Professor Supporters Club, Bold Boundaries is the sole thoroughbred horse from their club that will pose a significant challenge to opponents.

“We are already in Gobabis; everything looks good here, and we are ready for the competition,” said Kavirombo.

On her part, Chantal Mouton from Khomas Turf Club said their club put trust in their four horses for the event, and all are ready to shine in Gobabis.

“It will be a tough battle, but our horse, Power Search, will do well in a 1 600-meter-distance run, while Jazzagal is also expected to deliver in that division,” Mouton said.

Okahandja Racing’s Otis Kotjipati said the famous Starlile is the only thoroughbred from their club that is travelling to Gobabis.

“All our other horses are coming from injuries, and we do not want to risk them. We will give them enough time to recover and start training in December,” Kotjipati said.

He said Starlile is one of the top horses in the country, and its records speak volumes.

“We are not under any pressure; we are going to Gobabis to support our fellow horse racing family in this big event,” lamented Kotjipati.

2023-11-29  Correspondent

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