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Three Women and You heads for the coast

2018-10-26  Staff Report 2

Three Women and You heads for the coast
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 Onesmus Embula

Three Women & You, Deirdre Denise Weston’s 5th play, premiered at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) last Friday and Saturday.

Deirdre is a prolific writer of 5 award winning stage plays including “Three Women & You”, which is fermented with a 95% Namibian cast. She reveals that the stories of Three Women and You are not unique, yet they touch the core of life issues any of contemporary women would experience. The play, which captivated a sold out audience at the NTN stars “three women” Elizabeth (Carol Semedo), Abigail (Abigail Golitath and Sam (Lizl Jankowski) dressed in biblical attire who leads very different lives. And then there was “you” who resonates your story within theirs. 

Deirdre’s love for the arts has always been for the glory of God. The play depicts how Elizabeth’s inability to give her husband children, particularly sons, brought shame and criticism on the entire family. Then there was Abigail whose life story speaks to how a wife should be a helpmate to their husbands. Abigail’s husband, Nate was a very wealthy and powerful man whose story is a demonstration, in the truest sense, of a woman who trusted God in the fact of all adds working against her.  But there is one more woman, Sam whose dilemma was brought by her own choices. “To be a light in the midst of darkness and to produce works that will impact and change lives has always been my ultimate goal”, said Deirdre.

Notably, the journey into these women’s lives was a difficult one, yet they eventually would receive ultimate of God’s blessings due to their obedience despite trials and tribulations. Deirdre particularly placed emphasis on the life of Elizabeth’s life and all she experienced citing the scriptures from Ephesians 6:13, “having done all, to stand”. “God is not only making that provision, but to top it all off, directing the play I got to display the anointing works that the Holy Spirit has given me”, she says. 

More so, Deirdre, also a sought-after director and acting coach, having been the founder of Los Angele’s former Faith Acting Studios, says Elizabeth and the Samaritan women had similar struggles that remain relevant today, thus helping giving insight and understanding during the unpleasant episodes of various seasons in peoples’ lives. Hence, Deirdre rejoices that “to God be the glory always”.

According to Deirdre, Namibia has the privilege to be the first host the first ever international debut of the play. “I have always had a dream as a teenager to visit Africa. The opportunity to display “Three Women & You’ in Namibia has been an overwhelming and surreal experience that has more than confirmed God’s promises”, she says. Tickets for the play, which will also be available at the door are selling for N$50 at Pick N Pay outlets through WebTickets. 

2018-10-26  Staff Report 2

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